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Friday, February 06, 2015

Introducing a shiny new website and blog!

(Check it out! Shiny new website!)

Connie of Sunfire Web Solutions designed it for me and she did an amazing job. If you're looking into getting a website, please send her a message. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a web designer!

And with the shiny new website comes a shiny new blog. From here on out I'll be blogging over on the new Elfling Creations site. This blogger blog will stay (I'm not deleting it), but all new content will go on the new blog. I haven't figured out yet how to get the new site to give me an RSS feed for the blog (which may be moot- do people still use RSS feeds?), so I'll be sure to share the links to new blog posts over on my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages. You can definitely follow me in one of those places if you'd like to be updated about my art. :)

I was waffling for a while if I wanted to move my blog over to the new site since it is Wordpress and it would be simple to blog directly from there. I've had this blog here on blogger since 2007 and I hated the thought of leaving it behind. In the end, though, I decided to move my blog over to the new site to make things easier.

I was waiting until the site was live to start blogging again, so there will be a lot of new posts over on the new site/blog very soon! I'm determined to keep myself up to date and blog about projects on a more regular basis than sporadically a few times a year. A delayed new year's resolution, I guess!


(Tumblr screencap- it matches!)

I also signed up for Tumblr last month and I've been having a blast with that blogging platform. I'm using it to share bite-sized updates about my art and writing, as well as reblogging things about fantasy, nature, or geekdom that catch my eye. If you're on tumblr, feel free to follow me and I'll follow back. I'm always looking for cool people to add over there.

2015: A year of shiny new things! Well, green new things since both my website and tumblr are green. If I dumped green glitter on my screen, they'd be shiny, so pretend I sprinkled glitter over the sites. ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trove Thursday - Goblins, Monsters, & Dragons

In honor of Halloween, here's a collection of fun monsters from the Fantasy Artists of Etsy street team. Search faeteam on Etsy for more wonderful fantasy creations. :)

Mixed Media Sculpture, Baby Goblin in nest with a friend, Cianan & Oosy the Fuzzle
Elegant Evil Eye Earrings
Armani the Houndstooth eReader Cover Monster
Dragon medallion in green and gold with orange Swarovski crystal, polymer clay pendant with golden powder, OOAK fantasy Celtic fairy jewelry
Needle Felted Goblin Baby Made to Order OOAK
Adopt a Dragon - Blue Dragon Sculpt
Dark Night Fantasy Art Print
Medusa Plaque - Greek Mythology Goddess - Gorgon Wall Art
Fire Dragon Art - Fridge Magnet of Color Pencil Drawing
Bat Eared Sap Dragon fantasy sculpture OOAK polymer clay unique handmade figurine
Greasing the Wheels... Print... Goblin drinking wine... grapes and cheese
Dragon Magic 8.5 x 11 Print
OOAK Dragon Claw with Dragon glass eye unique   protection  charm pendant PR00 28
Little Darlings (print)
Custom original Illustrative painting
SALE: Wee Beastie - Farley the Minotaur - Needle Felted Pocket Monster

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Art Update - Dragon Horns and Fantasy Ears

I had a few custom orders recently for fun costume type things, so I'm going to share those today. :)

First are two pairs of shiny glitter dragon horns in silver and red. I have a custom listing available here in my Etsy shop for lots of colors, but I'm also able to make horns in other shapes and sizes, too.

Silver Spiral Dragon Horns

Silver Spiral Dragon Horns

Red Dragon or Devil Costume Horns

Red Dragon or Devil Costume Horns

These horns are hand sculpted from polymer clay and coated in glitter and varnish. They're attached to shoelaces that serve as a kind of headband.


I also made a pair of custom hobbit, elf, or vulcan ears. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble photographing these- they kept blending into my mannequin's hair. I really need to get better at taking photos.

And this set of faun (satyr) ears were another custom thing:

All my costume ears are crocheted from acrylic yarn and the headband knots behind the back of the head. There's wire crocheted into the ears themselves so you can actually bend them gently and they'll hold a slightly different shape.

I have custom listings available in my Etsy shop for ears, but I'm hoping to get a few more ready-made ones listed by October. Halloween is fast approaching! Somehow every year September rolls around and I haven't started any Halloween things. I keep telling myself I'll start in the early summer, but that never happens. ;)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Book Review - A Touch of Poison

Time for another book review! I received A Touch of Poison by Aaron Kite from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer's program.

Here's the summary from Amazon:
Gwenwyn is the most miserable princess ever, and for good reason. Merely brushing up against her or touching her exposed skin is enough to cause painful burns, or worse. And if that wasn't enough, she's just discovered the singular reason for her existence - to act as the king's secret assassin, murdering neighboring princes with nothing more than a simple kiss.


I'm finding myself sort of on the fence about what I thought about this book. On the one hand there wasn't anything I truly disliked about it. On the other it wasn't something that was able to really catch my interest. I'm sitting somewhere in the middle, I guess, thinking that it was okay. It's not something I'll likely read a second time, but it wasn't a bad book, either.

I think the problem is that the book never really found its plot. There was so much potential for this to be interesting- I found the idea of a poisonous protagonist to be novel and intriguing, but the book never really panned out and reached what it could have been. If this becomes a series with later books, then the framework that the author built for the main character and her love interest could be enough to expand upon. Here, though, it just felt too simplistic.

The story became repetitive rather quickly, which was my biggest problem with this book. The two antagonists continuously foiled the protagonist's plans, which works in theory and can create good conflict, but... it just didn't work here. It felt like the same thing over and over and I'll admit to skimming paragraphs to get past this. This was kind of a shame because the author's writing style and descriptions are good and the story itself is pretty well written. (Well, I wrinkled my nose a little at the instances of the word "anyways" in the narrative, but other than that the writing style was fine.) Unfortunately I found myself repeatedly losing interest whenever the protagonist was interacting with her father and his lackey.

That was another thing that left me wanting more: the lack of characterization. The antagonists were very flat. The main character had a little more personality, but I don't think she was enough to carry the rest of the characters who didn't. There was potential for the love interest, but by the time he entered the story it was too late to really help. There was also potential to have more characterization with the protagonist's best friend, but she didn't really get enough page time to grow as a character, either.

I did enjoy the last quarter or so of the story. Once the love interest arrived and the plot involving the protagonist's best friend kicked in, the story started moving along at a much better pace. It was unfortunate that this was as the story was resolving because it meant the more interesting part was rather rushed. I'm thinking this book could have been improved if some of the repetitiveness of the beginning had been trimmed down and this action moved earlier into the book and expanded upon, but the end did resolve itself nicely.

I'm going to give this book three stars. It's not bad by any means, but it doesn't stand out, either. I did like the author's style of writing and the general ideas behind the story, so I'll likely read more by Kite in the future.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Art Update - Chainmaille Jewelry

I'm trying to work my way into making more chainmaille jewelry, so I was really happy this month when I had the opportunity to make several different colorful things from maille. Hooray!

I know summer is almost over, but I'm still finding myself drawn to blues and purples- aquatic, ocean-y colors. In this case it turned into a mermaid costume circlet when I realized I had cute glass fish-shaped beads in exactly the same color as my light blue jump rings. This circlet crown clasps with a lobster clasp and has beads all around the chainmaille.

You can find this one in my shop here, but I'm open to custom orders, too! :)


Speaking of circlets, this month I also made a purple and black gothic set that included a circlet and a matching hand flower as a birthday gift for a friend.

Purple and Black Chainmaille Circlet Crown

Purple and Black Chainmaille Hand Flower
Purple always gives me so much trouble in photos! In person the beads do match the color of the chainmaille.


Another gift was a late birthday present for my sister who asked for a chainmaille anklet. She has a bunch of these in different colors and this time wanted a blue one. I used two shades of blue along with silver and added matching glass beads.

Silver and Blue Chainmaille Anklet

Blue and Silver Chainmaille Anklet

Can I say how hard it is to photograph your own ankle? I have tons of anklets made and ready to go up in my shops, but I haven't been able to list them because I'm not a contortionist. ;)


The last chainmaille thing I made was a green and black bracelet. This chainmaille bracelet stretches rather than clasps because the black rings are stretchy rubber.

Green and Black Chainmaille Rubber Stretch Bracelet

I can make these in any color as the aluminum jump rings- you can find a listing for that here with some more color examples.

I have a few other chainmaille things that I made recently, but haven't yet photographed, so hopefully I'll be sharing those soon. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Review - Hidden Power

Today I'm reviewing the book Hidden Power by Tracy Lane. I received this from the Early Reviewers program on LibraryThing.

Here's the summary from Amazon:
Aurora Turnleaf has lived her whole life hearing fairy tales of mysterious lands, magical beings, and crystal towers. She thought nothing of them until the day she stumbled upon a magnificent city, deep within the woods, built entirely of see-through crystal. It appeared out of nowhere, in a part of the forest she’s never ventured into before, and suddenly all those stories she heard growing up become much less imaginary. Her guide is Iragos, a light mage, who introduces her to Kayne, a mage in training for a dark wizard named Kronos. Unbeknownst to Aurora, Kayne had just stolen the Ythra Orb form the Hallowed Hall on behalf of his master and hidden it in her pack. Suddenly Aurora is thrust into a life or death journey to help Kayne find the mystical land of Morgis, home to the Oracles who first created the Orb, in hopes that they can secure its safety against Kronos. The path to Morgis will be treacherous enough, but it is what follows the two teens that is more life threatening. For the dark mage’s fierce legion of vicious minions is on their path, with Kronos himself not far behind, and all of them are intent on intercepting Kayne and Aurora at every turn. Meanwhile Aurora and Kayne must battle both the elements and Kronos’ dark magic to complete their quest. And along the way, the two teens from very different worlds must learn to work together to overcome obstacles, one of them being their mutual attraction.


I want to start out by saying just how much I loved this book! I finished it in record time; granted it's a short YA book, but I usually end up finding something to do that gets in the way of reading time if it's something I'm not into it all that much. I didn't want to put this one down because I enjoyed the writing style and characters so much. The story itself was well-written, which is always a plus. The plot was cohesive and fit together with the characters working towards a clear end goal. I almost want to say that there wasn't a whole lot of world building because I think I would have liked it even more if there had been room for more detail and adventure, but even though the book wasn't overly long, it did have world-building, particularly if this is going to be the start of a series. I thought it was neat how the mages have their own hidden location kept secret from the rest of humanity and I thought the way the two main characters' magics worked was an interesting spin on a magic system. I always enjoy it when an author includes animals in a story and I liked how these were different from earth creatures because they existed on a fantasy world, but still were similar enough that the reader easily knew what they were- that is, until the evil mage did his thing, of course! I thought both of the main characters had depth and their interactions and relationship were written well. The supporting characters were a little more flat, but since they weren't the main ones, this wasn't much of a problem.

The book may not have been too utterly deep, but that was completely fine with me! I'm actually so tired of the current trend in fantasy and fiction being dark, edgy, and epic that I truly appreciate a book that's pleasant and has a happy ending. (I'm not a young reader wanting this, either; I'm a thirty-something who enjoys lighthearted stories with happy endings.) When I reached the end I actually smiled a huge smile and went "I loved this!" because finally I was able to read something that was generally happy. Thank you, thank you, Tracy Lane, for writing something that was different from the redundant and overdone trend currently saturating the market!

I'm usually very nitpicky about books; my friend and I theorize that it's because I studied literature in college and that left me constantly critiquing and editing the written word. When I got to the end of this book, however, I just couldn't think of any real faults with it and nothing I could dislike. There were a few typos and some excessive punctuation in the Early Reviewers copy that I received that I would have edited slightly, but other than those extremely minor things that most people probably wouldn't even notice, this was a great book.

I really wish I'd written this review as soon as I had finished reading because I feel like I'm missing so much here that I wanted to rave about in better detail! (Darn life got in the way this week and book reviewing got put on the back burner.) I'm going to assume that this is the start of a series judging from how the epilogue played out and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series if that's the case. Even if it's not, I'm going to look for more books by this author. I'm giving this five stars because I can't think of any reasons that would drop it from five to something lower.

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