Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Huzzah! Done with my bags for Sweet-Charity!

I finished the bags I auctioned up for Sweet-Charity.

At the request of Agent Rouka, I made a red, square, off the shoulder purse and a smaller, very pink be-ribboned pouch. I think I made them girly enough for her request. *grins*

Amara wanted two tarot pouches- one dark red and one dark green and black, both lined with natural fabric.

My favorite has to be the little green tarot bag:

Girly bags:

The red one's lined with awesome polka-dotted fabric and the triangle flap (my first attempt at a triangle closing!) closes with velcro:

The pink one's light pink with hot pink ribbon around it, and drawstrings with the hot pink ribbon with round silver beads and red and pink heart beads:

And it's a pretty pink tie-dyed inside!

Now for the tarot pouches. I didn't want to make them as gaudy because, well, they're for tarot cards and unnatural materials would take away from them:

They're both lined with a natural colored off-white linen/cotton blend:

This is to show them in proportion to my deck of tarot cards. And you can't see it too well in the pictures, but the green one closes with a celtic knot pewter (I think it's pewter) button and the red one snaps closed.

I had a lot of fun making these and as I keep getting more and more practice in, I'm going to try making things more complex. I picked up a whole bunch of really neat fabric the other day that will be perfect as lining for tarot card pouches.

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