Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arts and a birthday cat

I finally finished what shall henceforth be known as That Damn Hat. Didn't end up looking a thing like the pattern, because, well, I ignored the pattern. It's a bit big, so I might give it to the boyfriend. But then again, I do have big hair, so it's not like it's going to fall off. Frankly, by the time the hat started to look hat shaped I was so sick of it that only sheer stubbornness allowed me to finish it, so I'm surprised it ended up looking halfway decent.

And honestly, I doubt I'm going to bother with patterns much. Maybe to get the basic gist of a design, but I like doing my own thing. Stubbornness again.

I think my next crochet project is going to be to felt my signature wristbands. I got some great wool and cotton yarns that'll work for felting.

And my roommate gave me the greatest idea for runestones! I was mentioning how the merge streetsign looked like the futhark "F", and she said that that would be cool as a set design. I have no idea if anyone would buy them, but hey, you can never have too many sets of oddball runestones, so it would be no loss if I kept them. ;)

I've still got a bunch of stuff I need to make for Sweet Charity by December. A beaded necklace in pink/blue/purple, a large bag in dark purple and dark green/blue, and sun and moon runestones.
And I offered myself up as a pitch-hitter, so I may end up making something else.

And, randomly, yesterday was my kitty's 4th (or 5th- the vet's not sure of her exact age) birthday! Exactly a year ago we adopted the world's sweetest (and dumbest) cat. She seemed to enjoy the Birthday Mice I gifted her with.

So here's the birthday kitty, looking confused as to why there's a shiny plastic thing being shoved in her face:


Brandi said...

Happy Birthday Kitty! I've got a birthday today, too, so yay for us!

I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the etsyBEAD Blog Ring! Thanks so much for joining!

Merily said...

Thanks for the welcome, and me (and the kitty) wish you a happy birthday, too! :D

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