Saturday, October 13, 2007

My cat loves yarn almost as much as I do

You'd think I'd know by now to keep a close eye on my cat and her proximity to my yarn stash, considering her tendency to pounce on anything that moves (or that she thinks has moved). But no, I haven't.

There I was, innocently and naively sorting through my yarn stash to find trim to use for the wristbands I'm making for the EtsyFAST trunk show's goodie bags (note to self: find a better filing system than two pop-open laundry hampers), and as I lay them all out on our spare sofa, up she jumps, over the hamper and toolbox and various things cluttering the living room, and smack dab in the middle of the pile of yarn. And she just stares at me like "Hey, this looks comfy! Thanks, mom, for making me a nest!" and proceeds to paw at the skeins until they're at her level of comfort and lays down in the middle of them.

And, being me, instead of shooing her away and discouraging this behavior, I remark over how cute and smart she is, and run to get the camera. I never said my parenting skills were very good. ;)

So, resulting picspam:

I don't know what yarn you're talking about, mommy.

Oh, you mean this yarn?

Too bad, it's my nest now!

But after much amusement, I managed to get five wristbands near done. I have to add the ribbon lacing tomorrow, but hopefully the cat will be out of the room (and hopefully in the next state- she loves ribbon even more than yarn!).

And, randomly, my boyfriend's mom surprised me today with four books on wire and bead jewelry! I love it when family randomly gives me useful and artsy things! :D

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