Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Patterns and wire

Well, my first attempt at crocheting using a pattern isn't working too well. I'm trying to make this hat, but for some reason it's ending up too small. I'm using a lighter in weight and shorter skein than the pattern calls for, but I don't think Red Heart acrylic comes in a thicker size, so the one mentioned in the pattern is probably just a bigger skein. And I'm using a larger hook than it calls for. I'm going to just restart again, and if it does the same thing again, I'll just add extra stitches in the circles.

I did manage to do well with my first attempt at chain maille, though. I needed very little help from my roommate; she just had to fix the one end for me- my wire's too thin for me to get perfect on my first try. Before this I had just finished my Herald belt that she had already started. So I'm proud of my little black and orange bracelet. :) And hey, I'm finally starting to use my flikr. Still don't see much of a point in it, but at least it'll keep my art stuff separate from everything else in my imageshack.
My chain maille bracelet is here:

And, if this works:

So, the lesson of the day is that yarn has forsaken me, but wire hasn't. Which would probably mean something if I wasn't going to go off and probably work on clay instead. ;)

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