Sunday, October 28, 2007

What? I didn't burn down the kitchen?

I love love love my new polymer clay oven! Totally worth the $50. I started a batch of runestones today and I didn't burn one! And that's saying a lot for me, because I always make my boyfriend bake the clay for me since I'm entirely cursed when it comes to the kitchen (and then he ends up burning them sometimes, although I don't think that's him, I think it's the oven).

But the new oven is great! It has a timer with a loud ding so I don't space out and forget I have things in there, it heats to exactly the right temperature (and I have a thermometer now to tell me so), it shuts itself off automatically after the timer stops (which is wonderful to someone with no attention span), and it's REALLY easy to get things in and out of. So expect lots of runestones (and maybe more pendants) from me because now whenever I feel like making clay things, I can, and I don't need to wait for help.

And I also used cookie cutters and a rolling pin for the first time with my runestones- that goes a LOT faster than sculpting by hand, so I'll be selling runestones I make that way cheaper, methinks. Plus I started mixing in embossing and mica powders, so the stars I made have really neat swirls and subtle sparkles. Now that I see that the embossing powder works, I'll have to pick up some more.

While waiting for the clay to cook, I also added the sequin stars to the front of my boyfriend's costume. I'm going to do the back (and possibly the sleeves) tomorrow; I just need to have it done for a Halloween party next weekend. He makes such a cute Rincewind! (Now I just need to get him to read more than just the first two books...)

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