Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yay, clay! And yarn, of course. :)

I found the greatest shop for all things polymer clay related! The website is Polymer Clay Express; they're in MD, so (slightly) too far away for me to visit, but it only took two days for my order to get to me. I am totally going to buy my clay-related goodies from them from now on!

I got powders to mix in with the clay, which I'm probably going to try out tonight. I can't wait to see what mixing in mica powder does to the color! I also ordered some super-tiny cookie cutters that I'm going to use for making runestones.

And I speed-crocheted this weekend and got 10 small wristbands done for the EtsyFAST Trunk Show:

(Can you tell I like color?) I'll be sending those off tomorrow morning along with 50 of my business cards.

Also, I've been reading through one of the books my boyfriend's mom gave me last week- it has some really good tips on selling and marketing jewelry, which will come in handy when I eventually make art my full-time job (hopefully soon, *crosses fingers*, just waiting on the boyfriend to get a job that can support us).

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