Sunday, December 16, 2007

LotR reminiscing and sewing stash

I've been watching the LotR trilogy on tv all day; it really makes me nostalgic because my friends and I used to be so into the fandom a few years ago (don't get me wrong, I still love it, and have for the past 18 or so years, but we're no longer obsessed). I think I saw TTT 13 times in the theatre (a bit less for the other two; TTT is my favorite), I made a Merry costume for myself and a Boromir one for my fiancé, and I roleplayed a Rohirrim for two years. Ah, fun times. Alas, all that remains of that era is my alias and the word "Elbit".

Anyway, the real reason for my post today is to share the joy of having acquired some great art supplies! I'm helping my grandparents move, and so I pretty much get a pick of what I find while cleaning out their house. And me, being me, claimed all the sewing thing and random old jewelry.
I got two baggies worth of old buttons:

A heck of a lot of thread:

(In my sewing box which used to belong to my mom; I'm the child with the penchant for creativity, so I inherit everything.)
And about the thread- a bunch of it is on wooden spools! I have never in my life seen thread on a wooden spool- it's always plastic, or on the rare occasion, metal. There's one spool in particular that has to be at least fifty years old.

In the stash I also got a bunch of scarves- I'm going to see if there's any way I can turn them into headbands- and some old jewelry (mostly Avon type things, I think) that I'm going to take apart and make into something new. I also got a bunch of sewing tip packets and an old pattern (sixties or seventies, I think), and an old sewing matchbook thing (even older). I'll have to go through those and see if I want them, and probably offer them up to my street teams if I can't use them.

And my favorite findings:

A turtle pendant; I have to clean it up a bit since it tarnished, but yay for a turtle pendant! I love turtles. :)

And a wood crochet hook! *drools*

Well, afghan hook, I guess. I've never seen a wooden crochet hook, either; just metal and plastic. And it's cool, because I didn't have a hook that size in my wide collection of hooks.

Less art-related is the awesome purse my grandmother gave me:

My mom thought I was nuts for wanting it, but it's neat! It's brand new (even though it's old), and is made from plasticy-wicker. It's got seashells in the front panel, and it's big enough for my big purse-liking standards. I have to make a strap for it, though, because I don't like carrying a purse by a handle; I'll probably just crochet one in matching colors.

And see? I am being productive and working on stuff.

Sun and Moon runestones for the girl who bought me on Sweet Charity. I'm going to try to finish them tonight; I have to paint the runes and the coating glaze on, then sew the pouch for them.

While waiting for the oven to finish, I also managed to dye my bangs pink:

I'm not liking the Raw hair dye, though- it washes out way too quickly, and my bangs are even light blond. I used to get great hair dye at the pharmacy up at college, but I can't find that stuff here. Heck, Hot Topic used to carry Manic Panic and that worked better than this stuff.


Laura's Left Hook said...

I used to have a whole set of Brittany wooden crochet hooks that my parents gave me one year for Christmas. The problem was, the decorative ends kept hitting my hand while I was crocheting. I ended up giving them to a friend for Christmas and told her the story so she would not feel bad if she did not like them either.

Merily said...

Ah- I guess I lucked out, since the hook I got is plain with no decoration. As it is, though, I keep getting it stuck in my yarn. Heh.

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