Sunday, December 23, 2007

My day has been all cookies!

Ugh, I seriously spent four hours today baking cookies. It would have taken far less time if a) our kitchen was bigger, b) we had actual cookie sheets and not just two pizza trays, c) I had experience at cooking. All in all, though, the cookies came out tasty, if a bit oddly shaped. Only a few got burnt, and I didn't burn myself once! (Take that, oven! I win this time!)

And since I'm running really short on time to get everyone's gifts done and I had lots of extra cookies, I had the idea for my fiancé to pick up some cookie jars for me and I'd give cookies to his parents and my grandmothers instead of crocheting them something. And it worked out great, because he found me two cookie jars on sale that are the kind that you paint.

A bit cheesy, since you just paint them in with markers, but I really like how the sprinkles on the cookie and the snowflakes on the penguin turned out. :) And hey, it's still technically handmade (I don't count art supplies as commercial), and my cookies are definitely handmade.

So I just have to finish my sister's scarf, and if I have time, I'll crochet little extra things for my family. I'll work on the stuff for my friends on the 26th.

And random awesome news? I'm apparently still covered by my insurance even though I resigned from my job a month ago, so my medicine only cost me (well, cost my fiancé) $30 instead of $140. Score!


Alpaca Granny said...

Merily, how smart you are! I am going to remember the cookie jar idea for myself next year. I'm baking up a storm today.

Merily said...

Aww, thanks! The only problem I'm having with the cookie jars is that the ink doesn't stay on it very well once they're washed. I'm going to have to tell my family to be careful while washing them, and if the jars need to be touched up, I can do it.

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