Monday, December 17, 2007

Sweet Charity stuff is done!

I worked hard today and got the last two Sweet Charity things done; I'm going to email the people who bought them in a minute, and send them out tomorrow or Wednesday (I think I'm still waiting on an address). And it's still on time, since the deadline is the end of December. :D

One wanted runestones in the shape of suns and moons:

I really love how these turned out; I'm going to have to make a set to sell on Etsy now. I mixed yellow and orange polymer clay with red and gold glitter for the suns and painted the runes in red acrylic paint (and sealed with a matte glaze so the glitter could still be seen). For the moons, I mixed silver, grey, and black clay together and mixed in silver (and a bit of red) glitter and painted the runes in white. There's also two extra ones in this batch (instead of the usual one extra) just in case one of either of the shapes breaks.

And the other thing I made was a necklace- pink and purple were two of the colors she mentioned that she liked:

This is made out of various purple and pink glass and plastic beads on 20ga burgundy colored enameled copper wire. The middle charm is a silver heart with pink and clear shiny stones, and it clasps with a lobster clasp. I hadn't made jewelry in a while, so it was relaxing to make the necklace. :)

And I learned that listing to Jimmy Eat World's new cd "Chase This Light" is awesome while crafting; it's just so mellow! And it's a lot less distracting than watching Star Trek, which is what I usually do while crafting. (Not listening or watching something isn't an option; then I get bored and even more distracted. Yay, short attention span.)

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