Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to work.

I took a few days (well, more like two weeks. Heh.) off from making things because I needed a break after the holidays and with people over all the time, I couldn't use the dining room to work. I did finish the one present I needed to do this week, and I've just got two more I'm working on and hope to have finished today or tomorrow. Then I can go back to making things to sell. I've had some ideas for runestones, and my fiancé has been giving me some ideas of things he'd like and which I think would sell.

So starting today, it's back to business. :)

And before I forget, here are some pictures of things I made for gifts this year:

First, a flower scarf I crocheted for my sister:

I had wanted to crochet her matching gloves, but I didn't have the time- she might get those later still, though. I was very happy when she opened it and told me how much she loved it, and she sent me a message with the pictures saying "id also like to add that i have gotten a gazillion and one compliments on the scarf!!!!! lol..i loveee love love it!!" I just love making stuff for my sister- she feeds my ego! ;)

And here's a picture of the earrings I made for one of my friends:

It wasn't until after I had made them, though, that I realized they looked like smiley faces. XD Not a bad thing, though, because I think they're cute, and she seemed to like them. :)

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