Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clay woes and internet love

Arg, my red Sculpey is hard, and I can't get it soft enough to work with. I tried rolling it, kneading it, rolling it flat, running it through my little plastic pasta machine... nothing worked. Not helpful when I'm trying to make heart runestones. I'm going to have to stop by the craft store tomorrow to pick up the sculpey diluent so I can finish them.

Since that plan's not going to work, I'm going to work on chain maille tonight, which unfortunately means my poor hands are going to be sore again- twisting and cutting wire is painful! But it's a good painful, because I love making jewelry with the jump rings. :) I recently bought 18g copper wire, and I'm hoping that it's strong enough to hold itself together; the 20g wasn't- the rings keep getting smooshed.

I've been busy online. I started my website (; it's not much to look at now, but I'm hoping to make it pretty (and add content soon- right now only the home page has anything on it). I signed up with bigcartel, which I'm going to use to connect to my website, and I also opened up shops on both and mintd. So far I haven't moved anything into those shops yet, though. Maybe this weekend. I also have to make another banner for Mintd, because the one I was using elsewhere got stretched and it's all discolored.

And, to pimp it again before the event, the etsyBEAD Valentine's Hunt is in a few days!

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