Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy busy art ramblings

*big sigh* Well, I did it. I took the first step in starting a business with my art- I just signed up for a website with my own domain name. It's going to be ElflingCreations.com (it's not going to start working for a few days, until it gets confirmed, though). One of the members of one of my street teams does web design, and she was awesome and helped me with picking a host that's good and not very expensive. I'm pretty good with html, so I should be able to make the site pretty, too. Yay!

I decided against using "Elbit Enterprises" because there's already a company called "Elbit" and I don't want to get in trouble. Josh suggested "Elfling Creations" and I really like the way it sounds; it also will work really well with the new things I'm planning: mainly renfairish and fantasy things- crocheted bodices and belts, clay horns, dreadfalls, chain maille jewelry, and the painted-on-crochet accessories, bags, runestones, and dreamcatchers I already do. :)

Next up is going to be to get a business license, seller's permit, and possibly a trademark. I have two books to help me with this, so I should be okay. *crosses fingers* I'm also going to sign up to sell on a few more art websites besides Etsy. I've been slacking off and only doing a few hours a day of art-related things, but I'm going to have to crack down and do this full-time now.

I never realized how much art meant to me until I got the opportunity to do it as a career. I still want to become a college professor, but I'm very very happy with where I am now. I love Josh so much for letting this be possible; he is the most wonderful fiancé in the universe!

And now I have to go sort out the huge list of people who want to host images for the etsyBEAD Valentine's hunt. We got so many people to volunteer that it's going to be great! And speaking of etsyBEAD, I finally got off my butt and am participating in the theme of the week weekly sale- check out the sale section in my shop for this week's theme of "Lady in Red".

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