Saturday, January 26, 2008

I got blogged about!

*happy dance!* Look here! I've never been blogged about before, so it's exciting! (Thanks, Jenn!)

And it's funny that she blogged about my eclecticness because I just picked up a book yesterday on chain maille, thinking that it would be neat to have more Renfairish things in my shop (and how I couldn't really do much only knowing one weave). The book I got is super descriptive and has lots of different styles in it, so I'm looking forward to making chain maille jewelry. I'm going to order some rings tonight; I have wire to make my own 20 and 18g rings, but I figure it'll be easier to work with 14 and 16g if I have the rings pre-cut (not to mention my little wire cutters probably wouldn't hold up very well to thicker wire).

I'd really like to sell Renfairish things once I start doing craft fairs; I figure not many people go that route. Also, with something like three Renfaires nearby, I'd love to be able to sell at one someday. :)

I also picked up some pendants at the bead store yesterday: some celtic knots, trees, and moons, mostly. Unfortunately, I could only find them in copper, and I prefer silver toned pendants; but I'm going to a different bead shop later this week, so I'm hoping to get silver toned findings there.

I've also been looking into selling on more websites (, DaWanda, or Mintd), but I think before I do that, I should make a website; that way I can direct people there, and from the site they can get to the places I sell. However, I don't know what websites offer good hosting, so if anyone knows a good place for hosting a website, let me know!

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