Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love finding finished things I didn't know I had!

Whoot! I didn't realize I had so much stuff made that I haven't yet listed! I just listed a cartilage earring and a hat/scarf set, both of which I made over a month ago.

One of my earlobe-to-cartilage earrings in very Valentine's-y colors.

I wasn't going to list the set and save it for next year or whatever, since it's getting late in winter, but it fit the EtsyHookers Valentine's theme, so I listed it.

And looking through my box 'o finished things, I've still got a few more earrings (a regular green and silver pair, a few cartilage ones, and some cartilage ones that are a set to the ones I already have listed), a few wristbands, and a blue scarf/hat set that's a mate to the pink one I listed today.

And I just finished a new set of runestones today, and after I take pictures of them in the morning, I'll post them here and list them. :)

I've also got another black and green triskele wristband (like this one) that I started but haven't finished, and I have a few more ideas for runestones floating around in my head.

Man, I love feeling creative!

Edit: Hey, if you're looking for my shops (I have tons of cartilage earrings for sale!) you can find them here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

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