Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Name angst, possible new items, and my studio (such as it is)

Bleh. I'm thinking that when it comes time to do all the official business stuff, I may have to change my shop name. After doing a google search, it looks like there's another company out there named "Elbit", although I'm not sure if "Enterprises" follows it or not. I am somewhere between amused, annoyed, and baffled. My friends made up the word "Elbit" in college as a joke because my roleplay persona/alias was half elf, half hobbit, and "Elbit" was the cutest mixture that they came up with while combining the two words. So I am utterly confused how a random company would come up with it, unless it happens to mean something in another language or stands for something.

Granted, it wouldn't be the end of the world if I had to change it, but I've grown attached to the word over the last few years and it'll be a hassle to get new business cards and change my name on sites. If I do have to change it, though, I'll probably switch to "Elfling Enterprises"; it's close enough and means practically the same thing (elf/halfling or small elf), and it doesn't look like anyone has that as a company name.


Anyway, I've been thinking lately that I want to get into the fantasy/Renfaire style with my shop (ie yet more random things I can make), and sell some of the things I usually just make for myself and friends. Namely, horns and dreadfalls. I haven't decided if I'm going to sell them on Etsy, or on another site, though, since I'm going to try to set up more than just the one shop, soon. My dream is to one day sell at the Renfaire. :)

These are the second pair of horns I ever made (the first were too narrow, and kept falling over). They're for my fire/Autumn faerie costume, and I made them out of flesh-color polymer clay and painted them in silver-to-red-to-dark red with acrylics, then sealed them with glossy glaze and strung them on a brown shoelace.

(Ick, I really have to redye my hair...) These ones were made the same way, except twisted differently, and I painted then with a line, dot, and swirl pattern.

And now dreadfalls:

Made, of course, with yarn. Last night I was thinking about how I could make them better, and I thought of making matching polymer clay beads and stringing those in, or putting smaller glass beads on clear wire/string and tying that in. I haven't figured out yet how to attach them to clips for shorter hair, though- glue won't really work, I don't think.


And since we finally got all the Christmas decorations put away (and my friend moved out), I actually have room for all my art supplies in one place. Unfortunately, that place is my living room and dining room, but it'll have to do until we can afford to live somewhere larger.

The wicker box with flowers holds fabric (as do two of the stacking bins) and there's a crochet pattern daily calendar (and a plant) next to it. On the next shelf are my bead boxes, my travel sewing box, and three small boxes of old jewelry that I'm going to take apart and use for other stuff (the bottom shelves are just random apartment stuff).
On the left is my huge bin of finished stuff, a hamper of yarn, a bowl (that I made in pottery class in high school) full of sewing supplies, and a tiny bin with office supplies (business cards, sharpies, etc).
The pottery wheel unfortunately has to be moved into the kitchen whenever I want to use it, and since it's heavy and I can't lift it, I don't get to use it as often as I would like. Next to it is a random trashcan thing I made in art class in high school, but which I still really like even though it has no purpose, and under the wheel is a small sewing machine that I have a heck of a time trying to use.
The stacking bins hold more art supplies than you could possibly imagine, and on top are my circle-knitting loom and baskets with pottery/sculpting tools and jewelry making tools.

Two more hampers full of yarn, my awesome old sewing basket thing, and my polymer clay oven is stored under the coffee table.

Yeah, I make do with what I have. It may not be a lot of space, but it's mine. :) Oh, and my fiancé said he'd start working on a lightbox for me, so hopefully by the end of the week I'll have one. It's really hard to take pictures when it's cloudy and icky everyday. I'm ready for Spring.

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