Thursday, January 10, 2008

Painting? Since when do I do that?

Not very often. ;) I don't think I've drawn or painted much of anything since high school art classes. Okay, occasionally I'll paint very small things on wristbands (like this or this), but I'm entirely out of practice doing anything detailed. That said, I'm pretty proud of the phoenixes (phoenixi? phoenicis? What the heck is the plural of phoenix?) I painted today for the January Fire challenge for EtsyFAST.

They're going to go on a pair of crocheted gloves. :) The only real problem is that one is slightly larger than the other (and I forgot to make them face different directions...); I hope that won't look too silly. Once they're dry and attached to the gloves, I'll post another picture.

I'm also working on a wristband for the Valentine's challenge for EtsyHookers- I would have made something more creative, but I'm running out of time (not to mention that I'm largely coordinating a Valentine's event for etsyBEAD). I'll post pictures of that when more of it is done.

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