Saturday, January 12, 2008

Phoenixes and skulls

Yeah, I still haven't figured out the plural of phoenix. No wonder there's only ever one at a time!

Anyway, I got the stuff done for both the EtsyFAST Fire and EtsyHookers Valentine's challenges.

I'm really proud of how these fingerless gloves turned out. If they don't sell, I'll happily keep them for myself. I had a blast painting, and definitely want to do something like this again. :)

...and ye gads, it just got an extra 20 views in the past five minutes!

I have a thing for skulls, in case you couldn't tell. How many other people think "Valentine's.... valentine's.... let's paint a skull!"? I guess I'm just not one for lovey-dovey things.

Next up is probably clay. I want to try to make beads, and I also have a few ideas for runestones that I want to try out.

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