Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sad Meri :(

My parent's (well, and mine, too, until I moved out two years ago) dog died last night. Needless to say, I'm very upset. He wasn't the friendliest and most lovable of dogs (honestly, I'd say he acted more like a cat if it wasn't for the fact that my cat loves people giving her attention), but he had been around since I was 13, and I always gave him treats and sneaked him people food, and he used to sleep on my bed every night when I still lived there.

My sister's even worse off than I am because she still lives with our parents and loved the dog like her baby (dressed him up in costumes, took him for rides in the car, spoiled him....)

Me, I'm upset, but also angry at my mother because I've been telling her for weeks to take him to the vet because he's been acting funny (like he was hurting), but she kept putting it off because he was too old to have surgery or get knocked out so the vet could look at him closely. In my opinion, at least the vet could have given him medicine to make him more comfortable. He was only 13, and beagles live a long time. (And heck, I rush my cat to the vet if she so much as sniffles.)

So rest in peace, Peanut. Have fun in doggie-heaven eating pigs ears and treats, chasing as many rabbits as you want, and sniff the butts of the other dogs that I've lost (and say hi for me). I miss you and love you.

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