Monday, March 31, 2008

Got some jewelry done

Huh, must have been our cable that was acting up earlier because the internet seems to be working fine now.

I'd post the final part of NatCroMo, but I'm still waiting on someone to explain to me (or give me a link to an explanation) how to do corkscrew fringes. It's not in any of my books and I can't find it online. :( I need to get a stitch dictionary or something; my 365 Crochet Stitches a Year: Perpetual Calendar is cool for making pretty patterns, but it doesn't actually explain many stitches (and the ones it does I already know. The irony).

On the plus side, tonight I finished my custom order for a pair of chain earrings:

I'm really hoping I have the posts in the right place since I've never made earrings with more than two posts before. But heck, if they are off, I'm more than willing to fix them for the girl who bought them. :) I'm planning on listing the earrings tomorrow (I'm hoping the sun comes out so I can get some better pictures).

I also finished the choker I had planned for etsyBEAD's collaboration charity challenge:

And now I want to make more chainmaille- that was fun! :) I was going to add more beads to it, but I was afraid it would have made it look too cluttered.

Oh, and I got some good advice from some of my FAST crew, and I'm super excited to start spinning and dying! I'm going to order a drop spindle and some fiber and dye tonight, and depending on how I like that, I'll probably ask for a spinning wheel for my birthday. :)

Now I'm going to go work on the larger faery crochet pattern I started last night. Yay, crochet!


Alpaca Granny said...

M., what can I do to help you with your spinning? Just ask, although my fingers can't get the spindle to work well. I knew that I wanted to make alpaca yarn and skipped spindle, and went right to the wheel. I'm pretty excited for you.

Merily said...

I'm going to order the supplies today, so I'll probably ask you in a few days. :)

I figure I'll start with the spindle and if I like it, I'll ask for a wheel for my birthday. (I'm betting I'm going to love it, though!)

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