Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I smell awesomely like KoolAid

I love to dye with KoolAid and food coloring! I decided to start with the roving because I wanted to get started now and didn't have any white yarn spun up.

And people say I can't cook. ;)

The red one is KoolAid and the green is food coloring. (The dyeing instructions came from castleman on Etsy and were super useful!) My results aren't exactly what I intended, but the roving came out pretty anyway. At least now I know for next time to space out the colors better (especially in the green one- the greens mixed too much with the blues and canceled out the blue). I used cherry, grape, and black cherry KoolAid and green, blue, turquoise, and neon green food coloring.

And this is my third attempt at spinning:

My fiancé bought me the roving from mandalinn on Etsy, and it's so soft! The only problem is, it's so soft that it pulls apart REALLY easily, so I keep getting lots of thick and thin places in the yarn. I'm sure that won't be a problem (heck, it's evenly thick and thin- somehow I seem to make the thick bits the same size), so hopefully it'll look like it's supposed to look weird. I'm going to ply this yarn together, too, then dye it.

And my fiancé convinced me to draw a guest comic for his webcomic. I'll try to work on that this week, and I'll post my results. I'll say in advance that judging from when I drew a comic back in the day, my characters are randomly colored, have no arms or legs, and if they're holding something it's floating in the air. *goes off to find the page her old comic is on...* Aha! It's here It also won't make a lot of sense (Wee, inside jokes from college), but that's my usual drawing style.

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