Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More ventures in yarn making

My "yarn barf" actually looks better than I expected. The first is closer in color- the second had flash issues.

My first two yarns plied together (before soaking and whacking).

My first two yarns plied together (after soaking and whacking).

The soaking in warm water and whacking it against the side of the tub did make it expand a bit and made it more even, but it also made it felt somewhat. Next time I'll use cooler water. I think my yarn would have turned out a lot better had I spun it thinner or plied it tighter. As it is, there are some parts where the two yarns are barely around each other. This yarn is probably not going to be any good for crocheting, so I'll probably make dreadfalls out of it. At least then for the bits that aren't wound tightly together, it'll look like it was supposed to be messy that way.

My next venture is to dye yarn and roving. I went out to the grocery store today and picked up some food coloring and KoolAid, but unfortunately they didn't have much of a selection of KoolAid flavors (I think most of the ones I got will just dye red). On the other hand, they had regular food coloring and neon food coloring, so that'll make up for it. I was going to get Jello, but I wasn't sure if the sugar-free counted as unsweetened (there's Splenda in it, right?). Anyway, first I'm going to spin my plain white roving into plied yarn before I dye it. I figure that might be a little easier to start with than dying the roving.

Wish me luck that my next attempt at yarn is less "barf" and more "yarn". :)

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