Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My current projects

I changed my mind for the wedding challenge; I was going to make gloves, but now I'm making a small purse.

Right now it's just some flowers and bits of yarn, but I'm hoping to finish the spinning tomorrow and start crocheting the bag. I'm going to ply the green yarn I dyed (food coloring) with the plain white yarn currently on my spindle, and embellish the purse with the flowers and leaves. (Oh! See the star shaped flower? That yellow-green is my first attempt at crocheting with my own handmade yarn!)

And here's the other thing I'm working on:

He's not much to look at yet, but he's going to be awesome! My fiancé is designing me tribal tattoos to paint on him. (I've made him pants, but I can't sew those on until the paint from the tattoos is dry.) Then I have to finish his hair and give him a mouth and ears. And yes, he relates to the "Storms" challenge. ;)

And just for the heck of it:

She hopped up on the seat next to me while I was taking pictures, so I figured she wanted to get into one, too.

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