Monday, April 21, 2008

Oops, haven't updated in a while

Got distracted by D&D and the jigsaw puzzles on Gaia. (And probably a few shiny things, as well.) ;)

Anyway, while reading through the blogs I subscribe to, I came across a link to the Million Blog List by way of LazyTcrochet's blog. Of course I added my blog (after some confusion) and I'm #802 (after a string of artists- looks like it made its rounds through Etsy).

I've been doing a lot of plushie making. I've taken a break from the April challenge one because I'm waiting on my fiancé to sketch me some tribal tattoos (he's been sick so I didn't want to bother him).

So I've been working on two of the plushies I had put aside for a bit:

My avatar/persona plushie, last seen looking like this. I love the way her vines came out, but I'm not so keen on the mouth; I can't decide if she looks better with or without one. This plushie is for me, so it doesn't matter too much, though. As soon as this one dries and I see how well the fabric medium added to the acrylic sets, I'm going to paint the half-finished pink faery.

And this is the wench plushie I'm working on. I still have to make the brim of the hat wider and add flowers and decoration to said hat, lace up her corset, and giver her a belt and accessories. Oh, and hair and a face, of course.

And I'm still spinning the yarn for the Wedding challenge. I have to take frequent breaks because my arms get tired; I guess I'm not used to it yet. Fortunately it was extended for another week, so I have until Saturday. :)

This week I'm hoping to get all the projects I have half done finished (four plushies, a purse, three waist cinchers, a wristband, a set of runestones...) and some more stuff listed. I'm so easily distracted; I need to work on finishing things before starting new projects. And the worst part is, most of those aforementioned things only need a tiny bit of work (heck, the cinchers just need to be laced up).

Woah, how'd it get to be 1am?

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