Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Got three of my four plushies done! Hurrah! It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I'm going to take pictures to list the wench and the pink faery this week.

First, my finished vine faery; she's my persona/Meriness. (I'm going to have a pretty matching banner and avatar for my shop soon, so you'll see what I mean. My friend awesomely agreed to draw it for me.)

I love how her vines came out. :D

This second faery I'm going to be listing:

She's so bright and cheerful and Summerish!

And lastly, my finished wench plushie:

I've put a lot of work on her over the past week or two. The only thing I'm not so fond of on her are her eyes- it was my first attempt at embroidery, and I think from now on I'll just stick with painting details on. The embroidery took me four times as long and I don't think it looks as good.

Anyway, the details:

The hat- it has a ribbon and flower. The flower even has blue teardrop beads on the leaves. (I'm going to enter this plushie in the EtsyHookers Creative Challenge of flowers and beads.)

And the belt:

I made a tiny polymer clay mug and crocheted a tiny belt pouch. The pouch snaps closed and something tiny (like dime-sized) could fit in it.

And now non-plushie related:

This is the yarn for my wedding challenge purse. I tried for black (I used my new Wilton's cake dye), but somehow, even though most of the dye absorbed, it turned purple (with some tiny bits of green). I think I didn't add enough dye because I think I did it right- I had the red absorb first, then the blues and greens, but it stayed purple. Ah well, it still matches the flowers I'm going to add. :)

And while I was baking the clay mug for my wench plushie (didn't want to get out the oven for one tiny thing), I made a set of horns:

They come out more even than any I've made before, so I have high hopes for them.

Next up: crocheting the wedding challenge purse and finishing my April challenge for EtsyFAST (Josh sketched me the tattoo design I needed- hurrah!), and painting the aforementioned horns.

Oh! And I also snagged a treasury this morning- it's here and filled with EtsyFAST "Storms" things.

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