Thursday, April 10, 2008

Very fibery day

Still working on my April FAST challenge; I'll post pictures of it as soon as the crochet is worth photographing. I've got high hopes for this! I'm planning on finishing it and starting work on my entry for the cross-team wedding challenge this weekend. (Yeah, I'm totally taking my crochet and spinning to my parents' yard sale. Fiber addiction? Me?)

More dyeing fun:

This is my dye station (minus the pans. Those didn't want their pictures taken). Check out all that KoolAid my fiancé bought me! (Unfortunately, all the stores around here are out of Easter egg dye. *sigh* Looks like I got into my addiction just slightly too late.)

My third and fourth dyeing experiments. Neither came out the way I wanted, of course. ;) The dark blue I added to the blue-green seems to have vanished, as did most of the orange I added to the pink one. (I also tried making brown by mixing grape KoolAid with green and red food coloring. Needless to say, it didn't work. Methinks I'll try without the KoolAid next time.) Ah, well. Even if they didn't come out the way I intended, the rovings are still pretty.

And, randomness:

That's my best friend, Care, and my best (well, only) cat, Clarabell. We spent the day tormenting the cat, playing my Lord of the Rings video game (my Ranger apparently has a "kick me" sign taped to his back), and watching CSI. All in all, a great evening. (Although she commented that my pink roving looked like something her dog threw up; I didn't take offense because, heck, it did. It looked a lot better once it dried.)

But to make this art-related, Care must be my muse. While she was here, I spun this:

Pay no attention to the thick and thin bits underneath from yesterday, but look at the yarn on top. Yes, I leaned how to make my yarn thin(nish) and basically the same width! *happy dance!*

I'm looking forward to more spinning, dyeing, and crocheting tomorrow. :) I'm planning on finishing the yarn I'm working on (and doing a second one), dyeing them, then plying them together. I'll take pictures of the results (as well as pictures of my crochet challenge thing).

Randomly, it finally broke 70 degrees today. Yay, looks like Spring is finally here! (Which reminds me- I have to work on my little garden this weekend.)

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