Monday, April 07, 2008

Wee, I can spin!

Granted, I'm still not that great and I'm still getting bits that are thick and some that are thin and kinked up, but I'm getting better. (Thanks to my FAST crew and the awesome people on Ravelry, mostly! Although videos and books helped, too.)

My very first yarn. It may be lumpy and thin in places, but it looks like yarn!

1st yarn in my (ghetto) lazy kate. Because why spend money when you can make one out of an ice cream container, a paper towel roll cut in half, and some mixing sticks? This lazy kate was brought to you by my kitchen. ;)

And this is my 2nd yarn on top of the 1st. The second is coming along better, but it's still too thick or too thin in places.

Once I get enough yarn for the second, I'm going to ply them together. I figure if the yarn doesn't come out good enough to crochet something from, I can always turn it into dreadfalls. :D And I'm really loving this spindle- it may be basic, but it spins really nicely.

I've been obsessively spinning all weekend, and I can't wait for my other order of fiber to get here so I can dye it (I'll be attacking it with KoolAid or food coloring).

And here's that plushie I'm working on:

Now it has limbs, but the legs are wonky- I think I sewed them on too close together. Ah, well. Now I know for next time to space them further apart. At least my first attempt at writing a plushie pattern came out human-shaped. :)

So all in all, it's been a fiber-filled fun weekend. (I was even reading my dyeing books while playing D&D on Friday night. Does that make me super geeky or what?)

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