Monday, April 28, 2008

Yup, I'm a Rennie.

Gotta be up in less than six hours to take my grandmother to the doctor (ugh, I'm a night owl, not a morning person), so I'm going to make this update quick.

First, I finally got around to joining Renspace- you can find me there under Merily. A whole online community of Renfaire people- you'd think I would have joined sooner. (Eh, we all know I suck at keeping up with networking sites.) Unfortunately I lack any good pictures of me in costume (I seem to be making a face in every picture of me), so I'm going to need to take more. As it is, my userpic is me as Susan Sto Helit, and she's more Victorian than Renaissance. At least there's a cloak?

Anyway, on to art-related things.

My April challenge for EtsyFAST is still being worked on. I gave him some tattoos today:

Once they dry I have to sew on his pants, give him a mouth, and make him some (possibly) pointed ears. I just want to finish him by the end of the month!

Anyone know who he is yet? (Wait, I haven't said, right?) He's from a Shakespeare play, he's my favorite character, and he's part of a "Storms" challenge. ;)

And lastly, here's some more avatar art I drew:

It finally occured to me that I can get practice drawing people using my Gaia avatar for inspiration (that's the little picture to the right).

I'll admit that I paintshopped the star on her cheek (forgot to draw that), and copied and pasted the one ankle wing because I couldn't get two that matched. (I said something like "Screw it! It's 2008, I'm paintshopping it!" And there was much less annoyance and eraser ripped paper than there was when I drew a lot back in high school. Ah, technology, you have made me lazy.)

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