Thursday, May 01, 2008

Caliban is finished! (And vote, please!)

Finally finished and listed my April challenge entry yesterday with about five hours to spare. (Me, work last minute?) I had meant to finish it sooner but the wedding challenge took precedence and all this week I've been on "grandmother duty" (I get to drive her around when the rest of the family is at work. I did manage to finish a 350 page book while waiting for her at the doctor's office, though).

Anyway, here's Caliban in all his messy and wild glory:

(For some reason his ears photographed funny- I fixed them in the version on Etsy, but forgot to fix the smaller picture in my flickr.) I think he came out cute and pretty much how I've always imagined him. I will admit that I have much different ideas of what he should look like and his general personality than most people do. (No, he did not try to rape Miranda- he was being sarcastic! He's much smarter than most people give him credit for.) But now that I made one Shakespeare character, I want to make more!

Hey, if anyone is into Shakespeare and wants to read the ficlets I wrote for Caliban a few years ago, his livejournal is still around- it's I really miss writing in Elizabethan English.

(Random info: my cat shares a name with a character in "The Tempest", albeit spelled differently [I think it's "Claribel" verses kitty's "Clarabell"]. Surprisingly, I didn't name her that- she came with the name. However, my next pet will be "Caliban" and if I ever had a daughter, she's going to be "Miranda". Me, obsessed with this play? ;) )

What else do I have to say... oh! Voting for the wedding challenge! Please take a minute and vote for one thing in each of the three categories (fiber, paper, and jewelry). Voting can be found:

I'm sure I have more to update, but it'll have to wait- I have to get ready to hang out with my best friend.

Random: Ugh! I have the hiccups!

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