Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bleh week

I've been feeling run down and haven't had a lot of energy, so I haven't gotten much done in the past week. Basically, I've just been playing Smash Bros and reading Prince Caspian, although I have been working on things for my Ravelry swap partner and for one of my friends.

Here's some of the yarn I've been working on:

The first ball came out nicely, but I'm having issues with the second- I can't get it to look as nice (or as thin), so I stopped and will try again tomorrow. I was thinking about plying it together, but that would make it too thick. I also learned that I can get about 1 ounce of yarn on that spindle before it gets too awkward. Otherwise, it spins great!

I also managed to start spinning with my top whorl spindle (for some reason I was tying the leader yarn on wrong). I still prefer the bottom ones, though. Oh, and I used my hand carders for the first time on some of the stray wool I had accumulated. Methinks I need practice with that, too.

Hmm... the only other thing I've done this week was a drawing of my "Meri" persona- I was trying to come up with something that I can put on my website and that matched the artwork my friend drew me for the same purpose.

This is the one my friend drew:

She's a waaaaay better artist than I am.

This one is mine:

I made her legs too short, so I'm going to crop it if I use it on my site (and also scan it in rather than photographing it). Her arm also came out wonky- it looked a lot better before I inked it. Well, practice will make me better- I think my people are starting to look better.

Oh, and I finally got to order a shirt from Ravelry! I ordered this one. (I also like this one, but cute animals won out over plants). I hope it gets here soon (and fits- I've never had anything from American Apparel).

And... that's about it. It's been a boring, icky week.

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