Monday, May 19, 2008

Teaching about spinning

This weekend was fun- we had Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday (*sings* "Underwaaaaater wyvern!") and on Sunday we all went to visit my great grandmother for her 96th birthday (that woman is the youngest 96 ever). We had yummy cake and I got to give a little spinning demonstration.

I confused everyone when I started working on my bamboo, and since I happened to have lots of supplies with me, I got to show off how the wool looks off the sheep, how you card it into rolags or "snakes" (which my sister proceeded to stick on her head like dreadlocks), then you attach it to what you're spinning and then spin away. I tried to explain dyeing (which I think they understood- all you do is cook the fiber with dye) and plying, but since I didn't have my lazy kate with me, I'm not sure how effective that one was. Anyway, everyone thought it was neat (my sister liked playing with the carders- I should recruit her the next time she's over-lol!) but my grandmother (and my mom especially) couldn't understand why I go through all the trouble when I can just buy cheap yarn. Sheesh, I love acrylic and all, but it can't compare to handspun wool, silk, or bamboo, which I said, as well as saying that if I make my own yarn, I can have it be the color and whatever else I want it to be. Fortunately my dad understood the self-satisfaction that comes with making something from scratch (probably because he works on cars, so he's good with his hands. Also, he's a history buff, too).

And when I told them that I wanted to get bunnies so I could spin their fur, my sister freaked out. I don't know if she thought I'd kill the bunnies or what! She calmed down when I said you just brush them. I amazed everyone when I said that you can spin rabbit, dog, cat, even human hair.

So all in all, my family thought what I was doing was neat (and that I have a lot of patience), but that I "was living in the wrong century". lol!


Alpaca Granny said...

Meri, your post made me smile. It's always amazing to me when folks are interested in what we do in our fiber world. I get so involved that I forget the rest of the world probably thinks we are a little weird.

Merily said...

I had fun giving the little demonstration, so I think I'm ready in case random people decide to ask me what I'm doing. :D

But yeah, I bet most people think we're nuts. Little do they know the fun of fiber!

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