Friday, May 30, 2008


LOL! Aren't cats supposed to be graceful? Clara just jumped up at the windowsill (like she always does) but this time she missed it and fell over. Then she quickly ran in the other direction, indignant because I was laughing at her. But then I gave her scratches and kisses and she forgave me (or forgot. Probably that one).

Anyway, just wanted to post what I've been working on. Wednesday night the EtsyHookers had a sale/promo going in the Etsy forums. We didn't get many sales, but we had a lot of fun! A few of us were doing hunts and sticking surprises in our shops, and three of my teammates found mine, so I made hemp bracelets for them:

I won a few things, too; I'll post about them when they get here. :) It was awesome to hang out with my team members- they're so fun! During the promo everyone kept saying "Snood!" and "Bacon!" and "what the snood?" (or something like that). So I crocheted my first snood today (wasn't about to crochet bacon!). After a few false starts (I'd never crocheted mesh in a circle before) I think it came out pretty nice. :D I'm probably going to keep this, since it matches some of my Renfaire clothing.


Maybe I'll make these to sell- I've seen lots of women wearing them at the Faire, so I figure Rennies would like them. :)

Edit: Oh! I forgot to post a link to the Treasury I snagged yesterday for the EtsyFAST May challenge- Click here to see the pretty flowers!

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