Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stupid car.

Bleh, my car has died on me again. I got up all early this morning to take my grandmother to the doctor, had all my crochet and spinning together to take with me... and then I get in the car and it acts like it's going to stall. So my dad (the car fixer guy he is) came to look at it. He thinks it's something to do with a coil, whatever that means. Anyway, he took part of the engine thing with him to see if he could fix it, so until then, my car is immobile. Fortunately I don't use it much, but I really don't have the money to be fixing it, either. :/

So I did what most people do when they're stuck at home- turned on the video games. And found out that no one is online playing Smash Bros at 10 in the morning. Who would have thought? After some playing, I decided to start spinning. I'm waiting on a heavier spindle and a better lazy kate to get here, so I put my silk yarn aside and started practicing with the roving my FAST swap parter sent:

I'm having some trouble going from soft silk to the rougher wool, but I think I'm getting it. This practice yarn will have some bumps, methinks. And hey, I'm using a top whorl spindle! That's a first for me. :) (And also- I carded and rolled the roving into those strips so it's easier to spin. Another first!)

Yesterday it occurred to me that I needed something to help me gauge the yarn I spin, and I didn't want to spend money on a WPI tool (the tape measure was out of the question since it's one of the floppy ones). So I made one out of polymer clay:

I'm pretty sure that slit is about 1". The holes are for when I ply next; I figured it would help if I used something to keep the yarns separated. And, of course, I painted a skull, vines, and crochet on it.

My fiancé's reaction- "Why do you paint skulls on everything?" Sigh, no one understands my yarn pirateness. ;)

And since it's the first nice sunny day in a while, I finally got more pictures of my waist cinchers, so I'm going to start listing the first tonight.

Oh, and most of the dorky shirts I ordered have arrived! This is the one I'm wearing today:

Wee, Dungeons and Dragons! The other shirts I got are this dice one (already have that in a girl shirt, too), and a 42 shirt (yay, HHGG!). The other shirt is slightly less dorky- a Ghost Hunters one. I'm still waiting on my Ravelry shirt.

I'd feel so much better about these shirts if the reason I bought them wasn't because I gained weight and a lot of my old clothes don't fit. :(

Anyway, back to spinning and watching Star Trek. (Ahh, clashing the historical with the scifi.)


Alpaca Granny said...

Geesh, Meri, you too? I dug out summer shorts yesterday and only one pair fit. What to do? Vow to lose 10 pounds, or just go shopping.

Merily said...

Seriously. I've been exercising and trying to lose weight, but so far no luck. Fortunately I had some money with the tax refund and the stimulus check (still waiting on that one, though).

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