Friday, May 02, 2008

Wench plushie is listed!

I'm on a roll with the plushies this week!

I love how she came out! The accessories came out perfect, I love her skirts, and the flower on the hat looks so cute! The only thing I'm not too keen on are the eyes- next time I'm going to skip embroidery (which I stink at) and just paint them on. She's my entry for the EtsyHookers "Creative Challenge No. 1- Flowers and Beads".

Next I'm going to be listing the waist cinchers I made a few weeks ago- I have to take pictures of them first, though. I'm currently working on a cincher for myself (in pretty black, dark red, dark purple, and blue), and I also have to finish those horns I started the other day.

Then I have swap stuff to work on (waiting on roving to get here so I can spin some yarn), and after that I have three charity things to finish for Sweet Charity before the end of June. And after that I have to finish a few things for my best friend before her birthday in August. I'm going to be busy! :)

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