Thursday, June 05, 2008

Been working on lots of stuff!

I haven't been feeling my best so I haven't been updating too frequently about what I've been making. This post is going to be very image heavy!

First, I can finally post a picture of the crocheted nurse I made for my friend Izzy (or should I say "Bonzai"?) without fear of her seeing it since I finally gave it to her.

Izzy just graduated from nursing school and had her 21st birthday (congrats again!), so I wanted to make her something special. :) (I got the pattern from eureekaswindow on Etsy.)

Another plushie:

It's a running joke with my Dungeons and Dragons group that we'll jump out and yell "Medusa!" randomly (and also sing "underwaaaater wyvern", but that's another story). So I figured I'd make my fiancé (who is the DM) a Medusa. Who knows, we are in her cave, so we're bound to need a Medusa figure at some point, right? (Although I'll pass on having to fight her! My cleric is afraid of being turned to stone... although he already has a spell that makes him stone, I think. Hmmm, that may come in handy!)

Anyway, I got the pattern from NeedleNoodles on Etsy, but I tried to make her a bit cuter because in the 2nd edition D&D universe, Medusas look like elves with snakes on their heads. Seriously. I had no idea until I snuck a peek at the monster manual! (Actually, I kind of pictured Gorgons looking like Eddie Izzard because he does a bit about them. I'm strange, I know.)

Okay, back to the art. I ramble when I'm tired.
I listed my first pair of horns (well, the first for sale- I've made three or four pairs before for me and friends). They're a lot like a pair I already have for myself, but I liked the style.

They're polymer clay painted green then painted with a lighter green kind of vine pattern and purple dots (as "berries"). They're currently strung from a brown shoelace, although I offer the option to have them strung on other types of cord.

And here's a necklace I just listed:

(See a gamer theme with me, huh?) I've become addicted to making hemp jewelry, methinks. My awesome fiancé just bought me two more colors of the hemp/wool yarn.

I've also finished two pairs of a new kind of wristband to sell and a crocheted corset (not a waist cincher) for myself. I'll post pictures of those as soon as it's sunny enough to take them.

And the last bit of news from me tonight- I'm in the FAE team's "Midsummer Night's Dream" Exhibition. Check out all the amazing fantasy things here. :)

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