Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finished goblins- aren't they cute?

Finished the goblins!

(For more pictures of them, check out my flickr stream)

I still have to make them weapons out of polymer clay, but I'll do that later. I propped them up in front of Josh's Dungeons and Dragons books unintentionally (those were conveniently sitting on the table), but it was extremely appropriate. ;)

I just listed another set of wristcuffs:

I had made these more than a month ago, but hadn't got around to listing them. I also have another hemp necklace or two to list.

I bought some fun beads (and new color hemp) recently, so I'm going to make some more jewelry soon. (I also want to get back into chainmaille.)

I'm between projects at the moment, so I'll post about those once I get started.

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