Saturday, June 28, 2008

Got some challenge things done!

A lot of my street teams all have challenge things due within the next week or so, so I've been spending the past few days working on things for them.

The theme for the POEST challenge is "Astrology", so I made this set of runestones:

It's a set of stars (or suns) and moons made from polymer clay with glitter mixed in to make them shiny. I also handsewed a pouch to go with them. They're like a set I had made for Sweet Charity a while ago, but I liked the design, so I wanted to make them again. :)

For EtsyHookers, the theme is "Rainbow". I had a harder time coming up with something for this because I don't usually work in multiple colors, and rainbows don't really appeal to me. I finally came up with this dice bag:

(The dice aren't included, obviously, and it doesn't have to be used as a dice bag.) The only problem is that the way I crochet in a circle, if I add in more than one color the lines are uneven where the yarn attaches. I got some advice from my fellow Hookers, so the next time I do something with color change hopefully the lines will line up better. I got lazy and used to crocheting in a circle a certain way since I usually only use one or two colors at a time.

Next up is something for the EAST "Gypsy" challenge; I'm going to be making chainmaille again, this time probably an anklet.

I also finished one of the two things I had to make for Sweet Charity. I still need to get to the store to get yarn for the plushie (arg, I miss having a car that works!) but I had the supplies to make the set of runestones:

The person who bought me wanted a set like the leaf runes I had already sold, so I tried to make them close enough to the originals. I think the shape is a little different, but since I shape them by hand (I don't have a leaf shaped cookie cutter), there wasn't much I could do about that. I still have to print out some info I copied (from books and sites and things- I haven't had a chance to write up my own info, which is why I don't include it with my runestones normally. But hey, this is charity).

I haven't had a chance to start the plushie I wanted to make for myself yet, but I figure that can wait a bit until I get all the challenge things done. :)

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