Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heh, I've been slacking off.

I'll admit that instead of making or listing things, I've been playing video games; specifically, Smash Bros. (That game is so friggin' addicting!)

I did list a pair of wristcuffs yesterday:

Crocheted lacy wristcuffs with ruffles. The red flowers are also crocheted and at their centers are grey buttons. They lace up with matching red ribbon. The only problem is since the cuffs are black, it's hard to see the open stitch.

I also have another set of cuffs to list, as well as a few more hemp necklaces.

I really need to stop dragging my feet and finish stuff for Sweet Charity; I have to finish a plushie and a set of runestones by the end of the month. I'll start working on those this week, but I want to make a birthday present for my fiancé first. I also need to make a banner for EtsyHookers, but I'll work on that tonight at the same time I do a batch of livejournal icons.


Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Love those cuffs!

DreamWoven said...

very cute cuffs! what yarn did you use???


Merily said...

Thanks! :D

Just acrylic. The black is the soft kind and the flowers are the regular kind.

DreamWoven said...

well that acrylic looks very soft!
hey... did you get the hemp/wool yet?

Merily said...

I really like working with acrylic, which is probably a weird thing to say. :)

Oh, yup! My fiancé is just *really* slow with leaving feedback. I'll make him do that.

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