Sunday, June 01, 2008

Meri update (more fun with snoods!)

Another snood!

Okay, really it's just a quick thing I threw together because the Hookers mascot needed her own snood. ;) I don't think I'm going to use it for that plushie (or really any plushies)- the yarn is too thick. I'd need to use much thinner yarn for the snood effect to work (I have some crochet thread sitting around that I haven't touched that'll probably do the job). On the plus side, I was actually making it so it would also be a human-sized bun-cover type snood and it works as that.

My Ravelry Susan swap partner got her package today and loved what I sent (hurray!). The local items I sent were Bucks County coffee and my favorite kind of TaskyKakes, and I sent her a skein of yarn I bought and two I spun and a crocheted corgi.
I think I've already posted a picture of the silk yarn, so here's the bamboo I spun:

I LOVED spinning bamboo! It was the most even thing I've spun so far. :)

And here's the corgi I crocheted for her:

Susan named her Meri- how sweet! Her real corgi already tried to carry it away- lol! (I got the pattern from planetjune on Etsy)

It's getting late and I'm losing my train of thought... oh! I'm in three treasuries! This one, this one, and this one. Check them out if you get a chance! (Thanks for putting me in them!)

I spent most of today working on my website. I finally caught up with adding sold items to it and updating the "Ideas" page, as well as finally making the banner for the main page. Niere only drew me the art a month ago. ;) (She's the one who drew the much better Meri-Faerie with the cat. I just love her drawing style!) I also crocheted a new style of wristbands/cuffs today. They're all lacy and have flowers. :D I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.

Other things I've been working on:

Yup, they're both pretty much copies of things that have already sold, but I like them so I made them again. They're up in my Etsy shop.

And now it's bedtime since it's after 1am (do I ever blog at normal hours?)

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