Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still working on goblins

I'm still working on the set of goblins for my fiancé (they're based on the comic he draws). I'm almost finished- I painted them a few minutes ago so all I have to do is give them their grass skirts and crochet Gork (the one on the right) his vest and hat. I'm also planning on making their weapons out of polymer clay sometime this week (I also have to make a set of runestones for Sweet Charity, so I'll do that at the same time).

Anyway, here are the goblins so far:

I messed up Boss' face (he's the one on the left)- the mouth should be lower and the nose less pointy. The other two look good, though!

While I wait for them to dry, I'm going to start my Pit plushie. (Pit's my main for Smash Bros Brawl.) I also have to work on a Stargate plushie for someone who won me on Sweet Charity (don't ask- I don't watch the show so I have no idea who it actually is; I'm just going by the pictures I was sent, lol) but I can't start that until I get the right color yarn- my car's still busted, so I haven't been able to get it yet. (I also need yarn for the other plushie I'm making for myself- Sheik, my secondary in Smash Bros and my favorite Zelda character.) You'd think with three hampers full of yarn (and one just acrylic) I would have what I need, but no. ;) And I still have some things I need to make for my best friend for her birthday in August (she wants a parrot and a Death).

So, yeah, back to making plushies. *crochetcrochetcrochet*


Niere said...

Ooh. Stargate character plushie? I look forward to seeing that. (Though it's probably and SG-1 character and I've only been following Atlantis...) *ramble ramble ramble* <.< >.>

Merily said...

Yeah, it's an SG-1 character.

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