Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another new spindle (and more begging for votes)

The spindle my fiancé bought me for my birthday came today! It's so awesome!

It's from Dragoncraft on Etsy and it was custom made for me- inside the whorl is my drawing. How cool is that? Now I can spin using a spindle that's my favorite color with my very own dragon guardian watching over me. :D (This takes my spindle collection up to 6- me, addicted to spinning? ;) )

The spindle also came with some super soft and shiny roving; the picture doesn't do it justice! Now I really want to start spinning but I already have something like four yarns in the works that I need to finish. I've been distracted by plushies and chainmaille. *looks guilty*

Speaking of plushies, Pit is almost in one piece- I just have to finish an arm and sew on his limbs, then he'll be whole. After that comes the toga and accessories, which I've been planning in my head. I think I'm going to make the toga out of fabric rather than crocheting it because it needs to be light and if I crocheted it it would be too thick and not hang right. I'll post pictures of him once his limbs are attached.

Then once that limbs are on, I'm going to get to work on the Stargate plushie I'm making for Sweet Charity. Then after that I'm going to make my Sheik plushie. I'm going to be so plushied out by the end of the month!

Oh, and can I beg for votes again? The voting is up for the EtsyHookers Rainbow Challenge. You vote on the right side of the blog and you can see the entries further down on the page (or go to this entry to see them). Mine is #29- the Rainbow Dice Bag, but you don't have to vote for me. Just vote for what you like best! (I know it's hard to choose- there are 43 entries and they're all amazing!)

And please vote for the challenges in my previously blog entry if you haven't already. *puppy eyes*

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Knitted Gems said...

What a great spindle! I love it.

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