Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chainmaille set is done

Despite playing lots of Zelda, I actually got my chainmaille finished today. Yay! This set is my entry for the EAST "gypsy" challenge.

The handflower and the anklet are made from aluminum rings and both have a goddess charm and bells (the handflower has two and the anklet has six). Both close with a lobster clasp and have an inch of chain on the end to make them adjustable.

I'm really proud of these- they're the most intricate chainmaille I've made so far. :) It's still the 4-in-1 weave, though, so I have to practice the other types. Although while making the handflower the triangle shape gave me the idea to make a Triforce one for myself. (I don't think I have any gold rings, though, so I'd have to order them.) Yeah, I'm a dork. ;)

I still have to make the plushie for Sweet Charity; I still haven't been able to get to the craft store for the yarn. I miss having a working car! I've finished ... er... the top of the head of my own plushie (me? Distracted by video games?). I'll work on that more tomorrow. I still have a few more hemp necklaces to photograph and list, too.


Athena's Armoury said...

Your set looks great! I love the purple and Goddess charms.

Merily said...

Thank you! :D

Niere said...

Whoa! Those are beautiful! They look really cool.

Merily said...

Thanks, Niere! :)

Evan Reiser said...

sup zelda nerd!

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