Saturday, July 05, 2008

Me? Love video games?

I've been on a chainmaille kick recently, so I decided to make something for myself. And since I've also been addicted to Zelda, I made a handflower with a Triforce on it:

I would have made it gold, but I don't have any gold rings at the moment (note to self: order them). So I used my favorite color green instead. :D

I also finished a plain red and silver one for a friend, but I didn't take a picture of it yet because I still need to attach the clasp; I'm waiting until she can try it on before I finish it.

I finally got to the craft store today so I can make the plushie for Sweet Charity. And speaking of plushies, I've been working on my Pit one. I thought he'd be easy to make since, heck, he's just wearing a toga and I know how to crochet wings, but little did I know that his hair would be the bane of my existence. (To see what I mean, he looks like this.) I have to crochet each spike individually, then crochet a pipe cleaner around each one so I can shape them to spike out, then sew the spike onto the hair base that I crocheted, then sew that onto the head. I'm glad I'm keeping this one for myself because after all this work there's no way I'd give it up! I'll post pictures once it's farther along.

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