Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some arts for me!

Everyone knows by now that I usually get my inspiration from fantasy things and/or fandom (hence why I have three fantasy cosplay costumes and two more I'm planning out).

Well, this time it happened again. I started reading the Valdemar books again (they're by Mercedes Lackey, and utterly awesome- every year or so I go through and read the entire series) and, as usual, I couldn't help thinking just how cool the Tayledras are. (For a bit of info- they're sort of like elves, but not nearly as long-lived [they're human]. They're... well, I just googled and found this page, if that helps.) Anyway, since this time during my rereading I have access to lots of art supplies (and I've been trying to figure out what fun thing to do with my hair since I'm trying to not dye it for a while), I decided to make a feather hair cord thing:

Basically, I took the idea of how I attach ribbon and cord to my dreamcatchers, only I made it longer. And the best part is that my hair clips have a little groove that's the perfect size to fit the suede cord through, so it doesn't stick out and I didn't have to glue it- and that means I can replace the hair thing with another one whenever I want, or I can take them out if I just want to wear the clip normally. :)

I know it's nothing special (I've seen gorgeous feather hair things online- and once I get the cash I'll buy some. My craft store feathers leave much to be desired!), but I think it came out pretty good for using nothing but supplies I had at hand.

And since I was on this specific inspired art kick, I finally finished a mask that I had painted years ago (seriously, I think it was five years ago and the mask was dusty).

Maybe now I'll have the inspiration to make the masks I had planned in my head all that time ago!

And in other crafting news, I'm still working my way through the plushie for Sweet Charity. I had to paint the eyes for it yesterday when I realized I was out of blue eyes and only had clear ones left.

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