Saturday, August 23, 2008

Final day of the Ravelympics

Bleh, I've fallen behind with my last yarn. My best friend came over the other day and I didn't get anything done, and I just kinds slacked off from there. In that time I did finish hemming my Renfaire skirt, though. Do you know how long it takes to hem a skirt by hand that is that flowing? A very long time. It's probably appropriate to hem by hand something Renfairish, anyway. ;)

I did get half of my last yarn finished and started on the second half. I'm not going to have it spun and plied by tomorrow, though.

This is the first part of the yarn, modeled by ROB, the spinning robot (not that kind of spinning, though! I wish I had a robot to help me spin yarn. ;) )

When I told my fiancé that I needed to photograph the first half of the bamboo yarn I'm spinning, he said "make ROB hold it". I agreed since I thought it would be cute, but the yarn was actually the perfect size to fit in his hands! Maybe now that ROB knows he's useful to me, he won't try to kill me. (ROB is Josh's main in Smash Bros.)

Anyway, now that the Ravelympics are ending soon, I can't wait to work on other things! I want to finish the yarn I started weeks ago and get to work on the ... something, haven't figured it out yet for the "Atlantis" theme for FAE (it really depends on how much yarn I end up with). And I want to start making Halloween things (I love Halloween!), and I really really miss making jewelry.

I do have two things planned from Ravelry groups, too. The "Dragon's Cave" group is doing a Dragon Shawl Knit/Crochet-Along, and I picked out this awesome pattern by Collette of Epicurus on Etsy. Isn't that shawl amazing? It even has a cute tail! Since this is my first attempt at a shawl and I don't want to screw it up, I'm just going to use yarn from the craft store, but I'm likely going to make it at some later point using the yarn Collette has in her shop specific for her shawls. :)

And the other Raverly thing is that the Ankh-Morpork Knitters Guild (which now officially [what with a thread and all] includes "People who make things with yarn and a sort of hooky thing, but are never under any circumstances to be known as hookers") will be doing a Pratchgan-Along (since everyone loved the one that got handed over to Pterry and wanted ones of our own). That and I joined too late to take part in that one. I have to work on my (nonexistent) yarn changing and embroidery-type skills because I don't think my lazy way out painting will get me very far. Fortunately, this one is going to span something like three years (at a book a month), so this shouldn't get in the way of everything else. XD

I was supposed to go to my friend's house tonight for D&D, but since I don't feel well and spent the day napping, I'm going to go try to finish that yarn.

Oh! Before I forget, I wanted to mention that lots of FAST members are volunteering to donate things for the team shop! I loves that team! :D


Knitted Gems said...

I like the dragon shawl you picked out. But, I think my favorite dragon shawl is this one:

Love the robot!

Merily said...

Thanks! Ooo, yeah, I've seen that before- it's so pretty!

lol, thanks. I love how the goofy looking robot takes up most of our coffee table. I think my fiancé is still a kid. XD

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