Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It feels good to make jewelry again!

I meant to update this sooner, but I haven't been feeling well. (That and when I went to post last night, my internet wasn't working.)

I just wanted to show off the necklace and bracelet I made this weekend. ;) The FAE team does a themed exhibition every few months or so, and this time the theme is "Visions of Atlantis". I get a lot of inspiration when a theme is water. :D (What can I say, I'm a Cancer.)

This is the chainmaille necklace:

(The listing is here.)
Inside the bottle are glitter (to serve as "sand"), ocean colored beads, a tiny silver-colored plastic star, and a tiny shell. Hanging from the necklace are two more shells, two pewter fairy-mermaid charms, and six beads. (And it matches my Renfaire costume, so maybe I should make one for myself. ;) )

This is the bracelet I made to match:

(And this listing is here.)
It's got lots of translucent green and blue beads, shells, and the center bead matches with a flower that looks kind of aquatic.

While making the necklace I started thinking up ideas for how to make other necklaces in this style. I think I'm going to sculpt tiny things out of polymer clay and put them in the bottle, but other than that I haven't really thought of what I'm going to do. I do have to order more jump rings soon, though. Maybe I'll get Halloween colors?

Oh! And I'm bouncy because I'm working on a trade with one of the other members of FAE- I'm trading her a cincher (almost done it!), my dragon pouch, and a dreamcatcher, and she's sending me wings and a mask. :D

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