Saturday, August 30, 2008

My attempt at a silly hat

Yay, the sun finally came out (well, sorta) today, so I was able to get pictures of the hat and bracelet I made earlier this week.

This is the hat I made for the EtsyHookers Creative Challenge No. 3 (the theme is "unique hats").

I need to get better pictures sometime soon, but I wanted to post the hat as soon as I could. :) Anyway, I thought and thought what I could make for this challenge (I don't make a lot of hats), and finally came up with this. Everyone knows how much I love making fantasy-inspired things!

The hat itself is crocheted from acrylic yarn, the ears are acrylic (with pipecleaners crocheted in to give the ears shape and so they can be bent), and the horns and hair are wool. There are green jump rings in the ears to serve as earrings, and the "hair" is tied back with a green ribbon. I think this counts as a "unique hat". ;)

Oh! To see the rest of the entries for this challenge, go to the EtsyHookers blog. Voting will go up on September 10th.

Unhat-related, I also finished a chainmaille bracelet this week using a weave I've never done before. I think it looks really pretty! I'll post pictures of that tomorrow. :)


Ainsley said...

Ha, that's great, Meri! Very fun and silly!

Brandi said...

Meri, I LOVE the hat!!! I think it's fabulous!

Merily said...

Yay, thanks, guys! :D

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