Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pretty roving to spin!

I ordered some lovely roving from two of my EtsyFAST friends this week that I'm planning on spinning up during the Ravelympics for the "Handspun Heptathalon". Well, I might not have a chance to spin it all since I'm also going to be making cat things and plushies, but I'll try. ;)

First, fiber from Beth (WhorlingTides on Etsy)

The bottom two are tussah silk- the one on the left is called "Aqua" and the one on the right is "Perfection". She also added the batt at the top- that's a "mystery wool blend". I feel so loved!

And this is bamboo roving from Judy (traditionsfiberarts on Etsy).

The left is called "Summer Shades" and the right is "Prairie Dusk". I had spun up some bamboo from Judy a few months ago for a swap, and I'm looking forward to spinning up more for myself! She also included some pretty feathers from her bird- I want to use these to make a really nice mask. :D

I'm currently spinning up some (rather ugly colored) wool that I had dyed when I first started spinning and dyeing. I dyed it as roving instead of yarn, so the roving is now pretty felted together and hard to spin. I'm hoping I get at least halfway decent yarn out of it, then I'm going to redye it and see if I can get it a better color. This is going to be my "learn from my mistakes" yarn. ;) I'll post pictures of this mess learning experience when it's done being spun.

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