Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ravelympics, day 4

Day 4- finished crocheting the robe, crocheted the handle of the scythe, and painted the front of Death.

And I just realized the robe was folded in the picture. Anyway, tomorrow I hope to finish this one; I need to sew and paint the scythe blade, paint the back of Death, sew the snaps onto the robe, and crochet the belt.

I didn't have time to spin today (I was working on FAST things for a while; I've commandeered the team shop and was getting things ready), but I was planning what I wanted to do for the Pet Pommel Horse. I picked out the patterns I want to use and am going to make something like three toys and a collar. Once I finish Death I'm going to switch and do a cat toy or two (they're small and quick to make and will be a nice change of pace). Then I'll spin and get to work on the parrot. Really, I think Death will be the thing that takes the longest, and once he's out of the way I might even finish early! (I've never finished anything early in my life, so I'm not holding my breath. ;) )

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