Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ravelympics, day 9

I didn't bother updating yesterday because all I was doing was spinning, and I didn't get much done. I have enough done today to make a post, though. :)

Day 9- Finished spinning the blue silk (not all of the roving, just the amount that would fit comfortably on my spindle).

I thought for a bit what I should ply it with (I was originally going to spin the rest of the silk and ply it with that), but decided that since the mystery wool I got from WhorlingTides was the perfect color, I'd spin some of that up to ply with the silk. (Plus I like the effect of plying shiny fiber with wool.)
This is what I have spun up of the wool so far:

Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the wool and ply them together. I'd also like to spin up one more yarn for the Ravelympics, but I also want to start on other stuff- namely a chainmaille pouch for my new Renfaire costume and an "aquatic" themed thing for the FAE exhibition (although the yarn I'm spinning now would work for that, I also want to do something with the sea green yarn I spun recently). Then I want to get started making Halloween things. :)

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